raised for nonprofits

Large and small gifts will be combined for a big impact.  Your donation to one or more San Angelo area nonprofits will be amplified by others, making each gift greater.  Plus, nonprofit organizations are eligible to win cash prizes throughout the day.


Early Bird Gets the Worm:                        1st $100 donation of the day $250

AEP Texas Midnight Madness:             Most $ donations between midnight & 1am $500

Armstrong Backus Donation Dreams:  Most unique donors between 1am & 5am  $1,000     

Tres Amigos Coffee & "Dough"nuts:         4 separate NPO's will each receive $250 for the 1st 4 donations of at least $250 made between 5am-6am

Addresses Real Estate Give more in 24: 1st to receive 24 $100 donations between 6:00am & 6:24am  $1,000

Snider IT Morning Daily Double:           Gifts made between $25-$50 during  7am-7:05am will be matched 100% until daily double concludes at 7:05am OR until the $2500 match has been exhausted. (Daily Double Prizes will only be announced on Facebook)

1st Community FCU Fast 50:                   1st to recieve 50, $50 donations between 8:00am-9:00am $1,000

Atmos Bonus Brunch:                            Most $ donations raised between 10am-11am $500

H-E-B Give & Graze:                                Most unique donors between noon & 1pm  $500                 

JBA Diversified Afternoon Surprise :      Most $ donations between 2pm-3pm $1,000

Texas Bank Record Breaker:                  The 4,257th donation, surpassing last year's total gifts of 4,256  $1,000

Time Clocks Plus Rock the Clock:          1st to receive 50, $50 donations between 3pm - 4pm $1,000

Bank & Trust Afternoon Daily Double:  Gifts between $25 - $50 during 5pm-5:05pm will be matched 100% until the daily double concludes at 5:05pm OR until the $2,500 match has been exhausted. (Daily Double Prizes will only be announced on Facebook)

John Stokes,CPA Cocktails & Contributions:  Most $ donations raised between 5pm-6pm $500 

The Bailey Law Firm Seize the Day:           4 NPO's that receive donations closest in time that push the total over $1 million     $250 will be awarded to each NPO

Chilton, Wilcox, Fortenberry Sunset & Surprises:  Most unique donors between 8pm-9pm $500

Sonora Bank Procrastinator Prize:       Most $ donations raised between 10pm-11pm $1,000

JBA Diversified One in $1.5 Million:  Donation that pushes the total over our goal of $1.5 million. $1,000

For the purpose of awarding prizes and counting unique donors, a unique donor is defined as one individual or corporation making a donation to one nonprofit.  Multiple donations from one donor to the same nonprofit will only count as one unique donor.

In the event a prize is not awarded, the value of the prize will be added to the amplification.





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