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First Steps For Families

First Steps for Families, (a non-profit organization) recognizes that the inter-generational cycle of crime and poverty that defines the lives of many children deprives them of essential life experiences that constitute a fulfilling childhood. Located in San Angelo, Texas, First Steps seeks to minister to these at-risk children and their families by establishing and operating an education-centered enrichment facility for these children and their families. There First Steps aims to provide free to low-cost quality pre-K classes, extended hours childcare, mentoring, and life-skills classes for:  families living below the poverty level; families with (an) incarcerated member(s); or, families with (a) member(s) re-entering society from incarceration who is attempting to make positive changes in his or her life by: * completing community service responsibilities  * fulfilling probation or deferred adjudication obligations * attending college, technical school or, job training * attending support groups (including church) * being gainfully employed.

3650 Old Post Cir
San Angelo, TX 76904-5730

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