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Sterling City First United Methodist Pre-School

At FUMC Pre-School, our philosophy is based on a “commitment to excellence, as well as a commitment to our children, teachers, parents, and program.” We are committed to providing the very best for each child in a Christian-based environment. We recognize that each child is unique, and our program encourages each child to explore and investigate at his or her own pace. Resources to stimulate curiosity, promote knowledge, and foster pride in individual accomplishment surround each child. We are committed to providing our teaching staff with training, supervision, resources, and respect as they plan and implement creative and challenging activities for young minds. We are committed to providing a warm, nurturing, safe, and loving environment at FUMC Pre-School while keeping parents actively involved in their child’s growth. We encourage parents to interact with our staff on a daily basis. We are committed to providing age and individually appropriate programs that allow children to make choices. We also provide an environment where self-concepts are enhanced, independence is encouraged and individuality is respected. This promotes an appreciation for education and love for learning. We offer a thematic, whole language approach to learning by integrating curriculum through various centers that promote learning through multi-sensory experiences. Our learning approach allows each child to reach a higher level of thinking and understanding by creating an environment that is exciting, dynamic and fun.

HWY 87 7 HWY 158 or PO Box 311
Sterling City, TX 76951

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